Welcome to the Club!

Our paths converge. You came here for a reason and this reason is most likely to polish your German / English skill. Would you like to become a fluent German / English speaker? If so, it is needless to seek your fortune elsewhere.

We, at privatestudent.club, only attend to the needs of English and German Learners in a special form and we only offer our services because it has been working ever since we commenced our activities. If you believe us or rather more our continuously increasing number of Students, please keep on reading as this is the place where our paths converge. We firmly believe that everyone can be taught and everyone can learn another language(s). Our task is to awaken and maintain your motivation. We are sure that everyone has a sense of language. We also know that since we are all different, methods of maximum efficiency may also differ from person to person. Our role, among many other, is to quickly assess, find and apply the most appropriate ways of learning, aspiring to maximum satisfaction.

When joining our community, you will experience a new dimension of language learning, utilizing the latest advances both in technology and methodology. Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to install ZOOM that our students are particularly fond of using. It showcases a set of features that almost make it indispensable: audio share, image share, camera share, whiteboard, annotations that you can also edit during the lesson. In the end, you get the entire session content saved into an image file, so if you don’t want to take notes, you don’t need to. 🙂

Dear Students, thank you for your ongoing trust, your comments and everything! So many of you cannot be wrong!

The Owner’s Words:

I spent many years living and working in Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom. I mostly worked in the IT sector, among them for Intel (formerly McAfee) in Aylesbury. Learning, studying, educating and tutoring have always been MY passion and I have sadly experienced the inflexibility and the inertia of the whole school and education system. (Why do the majority of conventional learners still struggle with foreign languages if the system is geared toward them?) It slowly but steadily became apparent to ME that I could mend this issue and how I could do it. Since the system is unalterable, I started teaching languages “differently” approximately 5 years ago. To begin with, I was in contact with private language schools … but we have evolved over the years and now we only specialize in Small Online Groups and Privates.

Tom D

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